Which features should you choose for your customer service call center?

When you decide to integrate a customer service call center with your business applications and CRM solution, the choice of software is crucial and must be able to perfectly meet your needs. With the right features, you can increase the responsiveness of your agents for an optimal customer experience and satisfaction. We introduce you to the basics on how to choose your customer service call center and what are the essential features for a maximum efficiency.

Use customer service call center to optimize your business

Many factors can impact the quality of your day-to-day customer service. With the emergence of digital tools and channels, customers now expect a personalized experience with every interaction with the brands. Reliable customer relations, based on the responsiveness and availability of your agents. However, a poorly proportioned team and long waiting times to contact an advisor can damage your company's brand image and cause you to lose customers.

You must then define the vulnerable points of your customer service in order to determine the essential features of your software, which will improve your daily performance. Do you wish to relieve your agents with the automation of certain actions? Do you wish to develop self-service options and a 24-hour voice server? Are you looking for indicators and data that will allow you to more accurately manage your business? All these questions are important to orientate your search for a customer service call center and find a solution perfectly adapted to your needs.

Opt for powerful features

The wide range of customer service call centers available on the market does not always make it easy to choose a solution. To help you take full advantage of your new tool, we present here some of the most powerful features for your customer service according to specific fields of action.

Agent training

Your customer service representatives must receive thorough training that provides them with the necessary skills to use all channels. A customer service call center can be a real support to train your teams with concrete and relevant cases. With the implementation of live call and double listening functions, your teams benefit from practical tools to analyze their customer exchanges and improve their skills.

Handling customers

Waiting time and the repetition of the request to different agents are the most irritating elements for the customers contacting a brand. In order to limit their dissatisfaction, a customer service call center allows you to put in place efficient tools at the disposal of your customers.

An IVR (Interactive Voice Response) guarantees a certain autonomy to the customer by offering them the possibility to quickly navigate according to their request. They can also benefit from 24-hour self-service options for bill payment or easy tracking of an order.

An ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) also allows you to assign inbound calls to the most appropriate agent according to the request. A smart engine that guarantees less waiting time and a clear answer without call transfer.

The customer strategy

Thanks to a customer service call center with an intuitive and all-in-one platform, you can modify and personalize your campaigns (phone, texts, email, etc.), but also your IVR (Interactive Voice Response) in a matter of minutes. A controlled communication that contributes to the image of your brand and the professionalism of your customer service.

Monitor the results of your customer service call center

The integration of a customer service call center with your CRM solution allows you to boost your customer service with more reactive and available agents. In addition, this powerful tool provides you with numerous data to analyze your activity in real time and adapt your customer strategy for optimal efficiency. On a smooth and clear interface, you will discover detailed statistics and reports as well as a dashboard updated throughout the day for a concrete and realistic overview of your customer service.

A customer service call center is therefore an essential program to integrate with your business applications to develop the skills and performance of your customer service. By choosing appropriate features, you offer a modern and dynamic brand image to your customers. Your agents also benefit from practical and relevant tools to maximize their productivity and save time, which is reflected in customer satisfaction.